QUESTION: Does anybody know if the internal TNC in the TS2000 can be forced into TRANSPARENT MODE for binary file transfer etc?  Regards  Ian (G0WZM)

ANSWER: Unfortunately the built-in TNC in the TS-2000 does not support transparent
mode.  Buried on page 49 of the TS-2000 manual, "Speciallized
Communications, Built-In TNC", it states "Since the built-in TNC has been
designed to work with the Packet Cluster Tune {page 53} and Sky Commander
II+ {page 83} functions, some of the enhanced TNC commands may not be
available."  This is Kenwood's vague way of saying that, among other things,
you cannot use the internal TNC to upload or download binary files.

All is not lost, though, as there are two viable workaround solutions.  The
internal TNC does support KISS mode so all you need is a packet program that
supports KISS (many packet programs do) and let the packet program handle
the chore for you.  This is by far the simplest and least painfull way of
working around the limitations of the internal TNC.

A slightly more cumbersome method, if it is practical in your particular
situation, would be to run the file through UUENCODE prior to transmission
and then run it through UUDECODE on the receive end.  UUENCODE converts
binary files into flat ASCII text and UUDECODE converts them back into their
original binary format.

73, Abe Schachter N3BBF Potomac MD Grid FM19kb
QUESTION: With respect to TX audio, I am getting reports that,
with the processor on, the background noise in my
mobile (WHEN I AM NOT TALKING) is better copy that my
voice.  The background noise cannot be heard when I am
talking, but the voice is STILL not as easily copied
as the background noise, as above.

One would think this might be one or more simple adjustments....

Anyone else encounter this?
ANSWER: I'll tell you exactly why this is, depending on what mic you run, and
what TX Bandwidth on the radio, and what EQ settings etc., all these
things will affect this,  but when you switch in the Processor in the
2000 it cuts all freqs below 200 Hz.  Hence, since most background noise
is made up of the higher freq.'s, that's all that is left.

Your voice, which can contain freq.'s' down as low as 70, or below, is
cut in comparison, especially if you have a low voice, and now what you
have left are the higher freq characteristics of your voice, if any, and
mostly background noise.

I NEVER use the processor on my radios.  I don't like what they do, I
don't like the way they sound.  Not even to mention, most of these so
called processors, Compressors, aren't compressing at all.  I'm not sure
about the 2000, since I don't care to use it anyway, and have never
looked into it, but this is why people buy external Compression

Is one place you can get a Noise gate/Equalizer if you'd like to play
with that.  This is a good one!  This is what I run on my 2000, along
with a Heil Goldline, model GM-4, with the Full Range Element, and
Narrow vs. Wide switch on it.  But I never take it off of wide, the
radio is set on 3 Khz TX Bandwidth, and the EQ I still leave on in the
radio set on H Boost.  Then I just don't have to EQ it as much on the
External Equalizer, if I want more highs in my voice.

But when you use one of these things, the first thing you notice is that
the background noise starts to take over when you increase the high
freqs.  This is why for the noise gate built in of course.  Because as
soon as you boost those highs, since that's what background noise is
mostly made up of, that's all that you hear.

So, this is basically what's happening on your setup, by turning on the processor.  Cutting below 200, or increasing above 200, all results in the same.  Background noise increases! Or so it would seem to me! Jim -- N0RSE Tucson, AZ
ANSWER 2: A compressor brings up the soft and brings down the high volume. If you have a lot of background noise. Don't use the compressor. It's driving up the volume of your background noise. Or better yet get a noise canceling mic. 
Ken Scofield W4ZOO Coral Springs, FL
ANSWER 3:I find that for me, the critical adjustment seems to be the processor input
level on the 2000.  I have done extensive testing now and find that at
higher levels of input compression, I pump the processor quite badly and it
actually does clip my voice substantially and leads to less intelligibility.
My recommendation would be to put on a set of headphones, connect to a dummy
load and then test until you like what you hear in the phones with the
monitor.  If it sounds good to you, it will probably sound good to others.

I'm still not sure I got a satisfactory answer to my question on bandwidth relative to concentrating power but will keep reading. Thanks and 73. Kevin, K7RX

If you drive the audio level to high in the PSK mode then you would end up with bad IMD. Jerry - K0HZI
I agree with the drive level issue. If you increase the drive to the
point that it goes into full power transmit immediatley then you are
over driving the radio for PSK. I tried this so I know. I talked
with Kenwood via their web site and e-mails about getting this
problem fixed. They said they would fix it for free as long as you
pay to ship the radio to them. My problem was that I bought my radio
used and they will not fix it free. I think they should, as it is
not a warrenty issue and should be considered a recall of a known
defect. The radio did not fail after it was in service it was
shipped as a defective product. I think they should fix it even
though I am not the original owner. I e-mailed the person that I was
in contact with at Kenwood (unknown) and asked for info on someone
higher up to talk to about this issue. I got no response. So much
for customer support.

To run PSK I just add a few spaces to my beginning macros to add a
timing delay and this works just fine. So this is how I am leaving
I was a little disappointed in the response or should I say lack of
response from Kenwood. This is just speculation on my part but I
suspect Kenwood wants to keep a low profile on this problem and not
show a willingness to fix it it because it could really cost them a
bundle to fix a whole lot of radios that they shipped after they
knew there was a problem with it.

Other than that I must say that I really like the radio.
Larry  N0SA

Just a short note on this that might be of general interest...

Used the software the weekend with the intention of getting 
Packet running.... Took all of about 15 minutes to get going.... 
Without reading the
manual, set-up the menu to switch on packet (menu 55 ??), and then went to
the Tx/Rx menu then Terminal Window.... Started to receive packet data
immediately...Typed connect vk?????, and away it went...

No other setup required... Could have changed Main/Sub for Packet not 
sure...  Was really easy...

The Icom Pro II might be the best HF radio around, but the TS2000 has to be
the best all-rounder....

Might give satellite work a try this week-end... Never can tell, it might be
just as easy...

Danny vk2kdg

SENSITIVITY RUMORS: So...  You have to be careful about 'Rumors'. They are just what they are.  Rumors! Especially if they came from the Internet.  And although I run the 2000 with the Preamp on ALL the time, on ALL bands, just because I like it that way, the sensitivity is a lot better than on any of my other radios..  Icom 746, as I mentioned, Icom 706MIIG, Icom T81A HT......

So.. If you can hear em, I wouldn't worry about it.  Check the specs as well.  They don't look that bad, so unless there is something wrong with it, it is what it is!  But most of all, don't pay any attention to rumors.  Again, if you can call it a 'Rumor', that's all it is!

But I couldn't be happier with my 2000.  It's the finest radio I have ever owned.  And as far as I'm concerned, there is NO problem in sensitivity, on 2m, 70 cm, or on any other band.  I'd buy another one for the Truck, and trade in, or sell the 706 MIIG.

And I can tell you that I don't get on the air reports while using any other radio, as I do when I'm using the Kenwood TS-2000X, and the Heil Goldline.  Such as 'You sound just as good as those guys that spend
thousands of dollars on all that Behringer Audio Equipment.'  Or  'You sound like an FM radio station on SSB', and/or 'I've been a Ham now for 30 years, and have NEVER heard a station that sounded like yours.  I can't tell you how impressed I am.'  And so on and so forth, and on and on and on.  In fact, it has become actually embarrassing at times, because they won't stop!!  I mean, enough is enough!! :-)  I even end up with my own Pileups from people
just wanting to call to say 'Boy, does that radio sound good'...

Well, I don't know about any of that, since I'm on this end of it all, but almost every contact I get, I end up with some raving review on the air.   You buy any other radio, toss a Heil mic on it, and you will NOT get these kinds of reports.  I can guarantee it! The 2000 is the ONLY radio you'll find this to be true with!  So..  Low in sensitivity?  I
don't think so.  Not according to the specs, and not according to my ears, but even if it was.  I think I'd put up with it, just because of the other great qualities of this radio...   Take Care..  Jim -- N0RSE

SENSITIVITY RUMORS: Just thought I'd put my 2 cents worth in too.  I have a TS-2000 and I think it's the best transceiver that is on the market.  My friend has a Icom 756 pro II and he brought it over.  The TS-2000 outperformed the 756 pro II in every catagory.  It heard weak signal that the pro could not hear.  The TS-2000 DSP filters are at least as good as the pro if not a little better.  Remember, on receive the TS-2000 is quadruple conversion where the 756 Pro II is still only triple conversion.  That in itself does make a difference.  Now, the visual screen on the pro is very nice and the 2000 does not have that, conversly, the pro doesn't have all of the other features or the band coverages like the 2000.  My main concern was a rig that could pull in very weak signals and one that had really hot filtering DSP wise.  The TS-2000 is simply the best, and that's a side by side comparison with the 756 pro II>   K6DPS

DSP: I do think that the '2000 has more DSP horsepower! I also have an 'MP. Right now, I think that the biggest advantage Kenwood has over Yaesu is quality. Like a lot of people, the last two Yaesus I've bought (MP in 9/2000 and an FT 817 in 11/2001) have come with manufacturing defects. The '817 had to be returned, day one. My TS180 (1980) and TS870 ('97 or '98) have worked as advertised right out of the box. The '2000 sppears to be no exception. Not only has Kenwood appeared to have done their homework on the technology, they put it together very well! 73 Bill / K8DXX

A TIP I HEARD OVER THE AIR THE OTHER DAY. You can talk on the sub band and tune on the main band.  Just have PTT in sub band and hit CTRL to tune the main band. JIM, N0UQZ






 Jim Baudo, N0UQZ